You guessed right! The .sh in this site’s domain is a reference to usual file extension used for shell scripts.

Which topics are addressed here?

This website is 100% dedicated to the command line and shell scripting (mainly bash).

I show here several commands and useful applications to be used directly in the console. I also show how to combine them, through shell scripts, so we can do bigger tasks.

One of my premises is to generate content that:

  • is useful for command line users in any Unix-like environment.
  • remain relevant for several years.
  • help spread good programming practices.

Which topics are NOT addressed here?

I will not address peculiarities/pros/cons of the infinite Linux distributions available out there. Neither configurations/customizations of graphical environments.

Not because I’m an 31337 h4x0r, but because I want this website to be focused on the command line.

Why did I create this site?

There are tons of nauseating bash code out there. When I had to work on them I suffered a lot. It hurt my brain.

My hope here is to spread the adoption of good practices for shell-scripting. Make the code more readable and easier to maintain. My dream is that a professional is that the future generations of shell programmers won’t suffer so much.

We know well that the shell is very permissive for “workarounds” (those hacky tricks we use to quickly solve a problem). This ends up generating a confusing code, where a simple correction can take a lot of time for the programmer, until they at least finds out where they need to change the code…

You’ll notice that my articles are focused in having a clean code, easy to read and understand. I hope to be able to inspire the readers to at least care about it.

Remember: you read code a lot more than you write! Therefore do your best to make this reading enjoyable and easy to understand.

No distractions!

I want to provide this content in a clean format, pleasant to read, without ads or any other kind of distraction.

Who maintains this site?

I’m meleu (even though my official ID says Augusto).

I love Linux, command line, shell scripting, and Open Source since I bought my first computer in the late 90s.

I currently work as a DevOps Engineer and use bash scripts intensively in my daily work.

If you want to contact me for professional matters, connect with me on LinkedIn.